Cortney Ho

first-year pre-communication student at ucsb.

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about me!

hi, i'm cortney, but you can call me cort! i'm from west covina, a small city in socal, but i went to school in a town called duarte for the majority of my life. during my free time, i enjoy drumming, listening to music, hanging out with my roommates and friends, eating, and believe it or not: doing homework! i'm a pretty easy going person when it comes to just about anything, so don't be afraid to say hi whenever you see me around campus! click here to visit my other website & learn a little more about my loved ones!

    fun facts about me:

  • my birthday is december 10, 2001! with that being said, i'm usually the youngest person amongst any group of friends.
  • i have a cat named boba at home! /ᐠ.ᆽ.ᐟ \∫
  • i'm in TASA, or taiwanese-american student association. this club has helped me break out of my shell a bit more and i've met amazing people who make feel at home at UCSB. my big is chi huang, and i belong to the wu family!
  • my s/o's name is enya! click her name to visit her site & send her some love! ♡

here's a gallery of my transformation over the years!

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