Climate Data Overview

26 February 2020 by Cortney Ho

Climate scientists, or individuals who conduct scientific studies of climate, have confirmed that there is a direct correlation between the devastations of climate change and various anthropogenic (human-caused) issues in Taiwan, such as greenhouse gas emissions and human activities. Data-freak? Click below to read more about the statistics pertaining to climate change issues in Taiwan!

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

26 February 2020 by Cortney Ho

Greenhouse gas emissions. You’ve probably heard of this term before, but what makes them a key talking point in political debates, news channels, and scholarly articles worldwide? The fact is, a regulated amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere actually benefits us by allowing our atmosphere to maintain a safe amount of heat. But, in recent decades, studies have shown that Taiwan’s CO2 concentration has increased to a staggering 1.9 times the levels from 1961–1990. Want to learn more about Taiwan’s carbon output? Click below!

Hospitality & Tourism Industries

26 February 2020 by Cortney Ho

Taiwan. Night markets, street food, day markets, sightseeing, theme parks-- you name it. Chances are, you’ve heard about or read about the multitude of Taiwan’s attractions and beauties at least once in your lifetime! Click below to learn more about how Taiwan’s hospitality and tourism industries contribute to climate change.

Extreme Weather & Natural Disasters

27 February 2020 by Cortney Ho

28.73 MILLION people. That’s Taiwan’s 2018 census of citizens who are impacted by extreme weather and natural disasters. From fires and earthquakes to typhoons and landslides, Taiwanese individuals are constantly enduring climate change-induced hazards that affect their everyday lives. Read more about these devastations down below.

Hydrological Destruction

28 February 2020 by Cortney Ho

With rising sea levels comes erosion, wetland flooding, the destruction of geographical regions and sentimental pieces of land, as well as the loss of habitat for fish, birds, and plants. These are the hydrological impacts that the citizens and biota of Taiwan are enduring to this day. If you’ve like to read more, click below!

Marine Biodiversity

29 February 2020- LEAP YEAR! by Cortney Ho

There has been wider geographic dispersion throughout the Taiwan Strait ecosystem. Studies have shown that this is strongly-linked to the climate crisis. As a result of rising sea levels, various species of Taiwan’s flora and fauna, such as coral, fish, benthic crustaceans, molluscks, and barnacles, are becoming displaced from their biomes in coral reefs, mountain streams, and rivers. Click below to learn more about Taiwan’s marine biodiversity and habitat loss as a result of climate change.

Solutions, Solutions... Many of Them!

29 February 2020- LEAP YEAR! by Cortney Ho

When Taiwanese citizens think about the climate crisis, they may feel hopeless or at a loss for ways that they can lessen their impact on the environment. Not to fear, there are many ways we can resolve this issue, starting with more environmentally-friendly government regulation, improvement of building infrastructure, public transportation, and not to mention, a change in individual behaviors. Read more about Taiwan’s (not-so-impossible) solutions to climate change down below!