this is the life of bortney bo :)

college has been pretty amazing so far! i've met friends that have helped make my stay here a lot more welcoming and a lot less intimidating.

~ here they are! ~

image image image

aren't my friends pretty ?!

besides studying like the diligent students we are, we like to:

these are my parents. they've pushed me all my life and i couldn't be more thankful for them for putting up with me ever since i was a wee baby! (and for their constant nagging)

image image image image image

this is my family! i am forever grateful for the unwavering guidance and motivation that this small bunch has provided me with throughout my 18 years of life.

image image image

last but definitely not least are my friends from high school. these cr*ckheads have stuck by me through thick and thin!

image image image image image

also, this is my FIRST web page ever. how cool is this?

there are three reasons why i love my school:


take a look at our smelly lagoon!!!

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